Designs For My Music

Owth Phase #1

"Owth Phase #1" This is my original logo I used for 'Owth' for about the first year or so. This is actually the second iteration of the skull, as the original had a messed up mouth that didn't really fit in the lower half of the skull. As for the skull itself, I designed it maybe a few years before I started Owth, from a random spurt of inspiration. It seemed to fit with the music I wanted to make at the start, so began to implement it in different ways, mostly using glitch techniques.

Owth Phase #2

"Owth Phase #2" This is the latest iteration of the Owth brand/logo. It block part of the logo is based off the shape of a Song 'Sound State'. Originally I made the logo for a factitious artist called 'Subtle State', but decided to use the logo for my own music, both because I liked it and because of a uni assignment about music identity. Based off of old school Techno and general Bristol influenced labels, I wanted the logo to stand out as a silhouette, but also have an old school feeling with the font.

Magazine Design

"Sense Of Good" is an independent zine based out of Bath, Somerset that I am the current Art Director and Graphic Designer for. Focused on showcasing the best of independent art and music from around the world, it went on sale on the 28th of November online and in select independent magazine shops.

Concept Designs

"Please Retain This Moment", is an independent magazine concept based around showcasing urban artwork and underground music.
"404: Creativity Not Found Podcast" is a music, film, and TV podcast concept in collaboration with Adam Prosser, Curtis Jones, and guests. Each week we would talk about the latest happenings in media and generally shout at each other for having opinions.